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West Wales Domestic Abuse Service is committed to providing the highest possible quality of service and support to all of our clients, partners and supporters and welcomes comments and feedback from clients, individuals and organisations about the service they have received or the services we provide. Feedback and comments will be collated and evaluated to inform service and delivery development and we aim to provide feedback as a result of this feedback and comments

However, sometimes things do go wrong, and we can use the constructive criticism we receive to improve the ways we work. We view complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve, as well as a chance to put things right for the person or organisation that has made the complaint. If there’s something you are not happy about, read on to find out how you can make a complaint to WWDAS.


Definition of a complaint

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not, about any aspect of WWDAS

Where complaints come from

Complaints may come from any person or organisation that has an interest in or connection to WWDAS including:

  • Service users
  • Stakeholders
  • Partners
  • Donors and supporters

A complaint can be received verbally, by phone, by email or in writing. This policy does not cover complaints from staff. Staff will refer to the WWDAS grievance procedure.


All complaint information will be handled sensitively, telling only those who need to know, recognising our ‘duty of care’ to staff/service users and following data protection requirements.


Overall responsibility for this policy and its implementation lies with the WWDAS Board of Trustees.

Aims & principles

  1. WWDAS will encourage complaints and comments about WWDAS services to improve the experience and quality of service.
  2. Complaints are viewed positively and are used to improve the range and quality of service delivery.
  3. WWDAS will provide clear information on how to voice a complaint / comment.
  4. Complaints will be heard and acted upon in a timely manner.
  5. Those making complaints will be treated respectfully, courteously and with due regard to ensuring they are not disadvantaged as a result of their complaint / comment.
  6. Complaints will be handled with regard for the ‘duty of care’ we owe to staff/volunteers and service uses and in-line with data protection principles.

What is a complaint?

Staff will operate within the wide definition of the word “complaint” including all expressions of concerns, grumbles, dissatisfaction, fears, anxieties or worries about services or treatment by staff, volunteers or members of the Board of Directors.

Complaints may relate to but not be restricted to:

  • An unwelcome or disputed decision
  • Poor quality of service
  • Appropriateness of service
  • Behaviour of staff
  • Poor communication
  • Inaccurate information
  • Delays in decision making
  • Accessibility of service

Complaints Procedure

  1. First Stage– Problem solving and investigation where the manager and/or staff of the service involved discuss the problem with the complainant, gather information and actively attempt to resolve matters. A written response is then given.
  2. Second Stage– If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, the Chief Executive Officer of WWDAS reviews information gathered, initiates further investigation of the situation and responds to the complainant.
  3. Third Stage– If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, consideration by the Management Committee


As West Wales Domestic Abuse Service is a registered charity, the complainant can complain to the Charity Commission Regulator at any stage. Information about the kind of complaints the Charity Commission can involve itself in can be found on their website at https://www.gov.uk/complain-about-charity

As West Wales Domestic Abuse Service carries the Welsh Womens Aid Quality Mark, a complainant can complain to the Welsh Womens Aid NQSS Panel. The complaint is able to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write to the NQSS Panel, Welsh Womens Aid, Pendragon House, Caxton Place, Pentwyn, Cardiff, CF23 8XE.

Publicised contact details for complaints

Written complaints may be sent to WWDAS 42 Portland Road, Aberystywth SY23 2NL, or by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Verbal complaints may be made by phone on 01970 612225 or in person to any of WWDAS’s staff, volunteers or trustees at our offices or any location where WWDAS operates.


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