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The Ar Trac Project – Meeting the Needs of Children and Young People

The Ar Trac Project – Meeting the Needs of Children and Young People

West Wales Domestic Abuse Service is proud to be a partner in the Ar Trac project.  

Funded by Welsh Government Sustainable Social Services Third Sector Grant this is the first project of its kind in Wales, bringing together five specialist domestic abuse agencies to provide a consortium-led approach to supporting children and young people.

Who Ar Trac is for

Ar Trac supports children and young people aged 5-16, who have experienced or witnessed domestic abuse and who are exhibiting difficulties with their family and peer relationships.

Difficulties can be wide ranging and pervasive; by addressing them and building upon strengths within childhood, Ar Trac aims to minimise the impact of the adverse childhood experiences associated with domestic abuse and improve life-long well-being.

What Ar Trac delivers

The project brings together a range of interventions, co-produced by local agencies with children and young people:

Ar Trac’s suite of age-appropriate services can be tailored based on the individual needs and strengths of the child and their family.

Throughout the project, children and young people are empowered to:

  • Express themselves safely, and to recognise and prioritise their own needs.
  • Understand their experiences.
  • Build resilience and positive coping strategies, and develop a foundation for a happy and healthy future.
  • Make the right choices for them, shaping the support they receive including duration, type of intervention, and the involvement of wider family members.


Ar Trac aims to ensure children and young people can go on to:

  • Develop relationships that are safe and healthy
  • Feel safe within their homes
  • Do the things that matter to them
  • Feel in control of their lives

Across Wales

Ar Trac is delivered across 10 areas by 5 regional project partners:

Direct support is provided by specialist support organisations, each of whom have extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of the needs of children and young people affected by domestic violence.

To refer into an Ar Trac programme, make an enquiry, or find out more, call us on 01239 615 700 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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