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Helpline, Drop-in & Crisis Support

Our Confidential helpline and drop-in services for people in crisis or in need of initial support.

We provide crisis intervention support in person, over the phone and on an outreach basis in the community. Our teams can provide advice and support around personal safety, security, legal options and housing, regardless of whether a woman or man is still in an abusive relationship, is planning on leaving or has recently left the relationship, or is experiencing the after-effects of domestic abuse.

We offer drop-in facilities at our centres in Aberystwyth and Cardigan Where appropriate, we facilitate access to refuge and can help individuals to access other agencies to meet their individual support needs.

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Refuge accommodation

Our refuges are safe spaces, offering welcoming accommodation for anyone escaping any form of violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence.

TY RHOSYN Housing Support Services

TY RHOSYN Housing Support Services

TY RHOSYN Housing Support Services will aim to support vulnerable individuals at risk of homelessness, not just during a crisis, but throughout their journey towards independence. 

Homelessness also comes at a high social and economic cost to our society, another reason why prevention is so vital. TY RHOSYN Housing Support Services is a multi-faceted program of support to identify and address homelessness in rural Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion. Providing a joined-up service that not only addresses current homelessness but also work toward a model that has the visualisation to cease homelessness in the future.

Community-based ‘floating’ support

Ongoing community-based, housing-related support for people who are experiencing, or have recently experienced, domestic abuse.

We offer a floating support outreach service to women and men. This service supports individuals to feel safe in their homes, enjoy better wellbeing, feel more confident, and work towards independence.

The service receives referrals via the housing support gateways in their respective areas.

Our support can include:

  • One to one emotional support
  • Support planning and safety planning tailored to your needs to help you plan your next steps
  • Support with housing issues
  • Making your own home safer
  • Support with finances and money issues
  • Help to access legal advice
  • Support around family court
  • Support and advocacy with statutory agencies, such as social services
  • Access to group work and activities, including the Own My Life course;
  • Support to access welfare benefits, education, training and employment
  • Referrals and signposting to other services that you might need
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Group Work : Own my Life

What is "Own My Life"?

The Own My Life course is an innovative and creative new education programme, designed to enable women to regain ownership of their lives after abuse.

The course helps women make sense of what has been done to them, discover their strengths and develop the skills to move forward.

West Wales Domestic Abuse Service creates a safe space for women to meet together to complete the course.

The Own My Life Programme combines decades of research about abuse and trauma with a high tech, innovative and transformational methodology. We equip practitioners to give women the skills to understand abuse, make sense of their lives and move forward with hope and positivity.  – Own My Life Website.

Peer Support

Every Tuesday evening we provide  space for a peer support group. This is a safe space for women to meet together and share their experiences and gain support rom one another. The sessions are very informative and the group decides how they want the group to run. A support worker is available to support the women as well.

Independent Domestic Abuse Advisor (IDVA) Service

In partnership with Calan DVS, MFCC, Threshold and CARMDAS we run the Dyfed Powys IDVA Service.

Our Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs) provide emotional and practical advice, guidance and support to help you and your family to become and remain safe. They will seek ways to empower you to make positive safe choices and they will liaise with other professionals on your behalf. The support they provide could include help for you through a court process, help to access safe accommodation and advocate on your behalf.


Children & Young People (CYP)


Our Refuges support up to 8 women with children in refuges and up 2 two men and their children

Our family refuges have play rooms and access to children support workers 5 days a week

STAR In Schools

We offer the STAR Safety, Trust and Respect Program in schools across Wales in Welsh and English depending on the schools we are asked to work with.


Mentoring offers opportunities for children and young people to channel their energy into positive activities and projects.

Mentors are matched with the young person based on their interests, skills and personalities.

Gender-specific groups

We offer gender-specific groups for girls, boys and non-binary people aged 11 to 15 who have experienced domestic abuse. The programmes aim to build self-confidence, communication skills and support emotional development through group activities and projects.

Adolescent to Parent Violence Support

  • Break4Change is a programme that supports families to make positive changes
  • Suitable for young people aged along with their parent/carers
  • The programme is for parents/carers of young people who are willing to change the way they communicate with each other and want to improve their relationships.

Ar Trac Project

Ar Trac supports children and young people aged 5-16, who have experienced or witnessed domestic abuse and who are exhibiting difficulties with their family and peer relationships. Difficulties can be wide ranging and pervasive; by addressing them and building upon strengths within childhood, Ar Trac aims to minimise the impact of the adverse childhood experiences associated with domestic abuse and improve life-long well-being.

To make a referral for a child or young person contacArtrac@westwalesdas.org.uk

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